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TK-Fit Outdoor BootCamp On Demand Monthly Subscription

Since 2008, Tricia McCormack the owner and instructor of TK-Fit has been providing a fitness experience to the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. Through high energy, challenging and supportive classes. TK-Fit's signature experience is one that is performed outdoors no matter rain, shine or the season.

For only $10/month, you can have access to TK-Fit's Outdoor BootCamp program, consisting of 45 minute workouts, challenging you through cardio and strength intervals. You will use your body as your resistance but incorporating weights to enhance the challenge. Tricia's philosophy is to push and encourage you to go further than you thought you could. Come join us, now from anywhere!!

What Are Past Participants Saying?

"Your classes are always awesome, and these have been no different! I already see my body getting back into “bootcamp” shape and I don’t want them to end. You’re amazing and so appreciated!"

"I love your workouts! They challenge me and make me feel so strong! I love that I can workout when I have time in my day! The ON DEMAND workouts are perfect! Please please please keep doing virtual classes! I love them!!!!"

"I loved working out on my own and in my backyard WAY more than I thought I would"


$10 a month for a healthier you!

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